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Physiotherapy appointments

Physio Appointments
Running Shoes
120 min

The initial assessment will occur at your home and will allow you to discuss what your goals of therapy are and what you want to achieve. It will also allow for a physiotherapy assessment to establish what you will need to work on to achieve your goals, to have a baseline and to set out a clear plan.

Depending on your presentation and needs, education and advice may form a large part of this and the first few sessions. Education will have the aim of giving you as many tools as possible to allow you to manage your condition, your program and your recovery as best you can.

There is no additional travel cost for locations within ~30 min of Shepparton, however appointments may be available at locations further than 30 min for an additional fee. Contact us to discuss your individual needs further.

Senior Therapy
60 min

The follow up sessions may occur at your home, your gym, a swimming pool, etc based on your specific goals and needs. These sessions will allow to continue with education and advice, therapeutic input or review your assessments and goals. When applicable, the aim eventually will be for you to be as independent as possible with your program and no longer require regular physiotherapy input.

Group therapy

Group therapy
Boys During a Sports Practice
SPARK Active

The right type of regular exercise will help you to move better and with more power, to have better balance, to improve fatigue, help with cognition and lots more. The group is designed in a way the exercises can be tailor to your individual level. You are welcome to bring family or a carer to assist you or support you in this group.

​It will generally take between 2-5 sessions for you to be ready to join one of the Exercise for PD groups.

Contact Anna for more details if you are interested in this group.

This group is generously subsidized by the Darnley Montgomery Foundation.

Tai Chi

Poi is a ball on a cord that you spin in circles around your body. Different movements and combinations can be performed.

Poi has a mix of physical and cognitive elements, engaging both your brain and your body. It’s playful. It’s rhythmic. And it’s challenging.


With Poi practice, you can improve grip strength, balance, and attention.

SPARK Balance & Strength


In this class, we use a combination of activities and equipment to work on improving balance and strength. One of our favourite pieces of equipment is the Tidal Tank, a small tank with water inside it: the instability and movement of the water assist with encouraging postural adjustments and increases core activation, both essential components when wanting to improve and maintain balance.


The activities are kept low impact and can be tailored to individual needs. Family and carers are welcome to attend to assist and support.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class
SPARK Brain Power

Exercise for Parkinsons

An evidence based form of exercise designed to change your brain and slow down your symptoms.

How does Spark Brain Power help?

Spark Brain Power is a group session that delivers evidenced based exercise designed to:


  • Protect the healthy cells in the area of your brain affected by PD;

  • Signficantly improve many of your PD motor symptoms;

  • It's the only tool currently known that can slow down the progression of PD symptoms;

  • Give you some control over PD;

  • Rebuild confidence, strength, fitness, balance, movement.

Nordic Walking
Express your interest in this group today

Nordic Walking can greatly assist with rehabilitation through multiple factors such as decreased pressure on back, hips and knees, improved arms swing, trunk rotation, posture, symmetry and length of steps whilst assisting with balance and much more. It is also a great workout, allowing you to activate 90% of your muscles without increasing your perceived exertion.

Drink tea
Spark a chat
Express your interest in this group today

Encourages communication and engagement within the community.

  • Chat with others to share your story and experience.

  • Chat and connect over coffee, snacks and board games.

  • Chat and learn with Health Professionals and experts from the community.

Presentations & workshops

Office Group Discussion
Presentations and workshops

Anna has experience in giving group presentations and running workshops. Contact Anna to discuss your needs further.

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