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Compensable bodies

NDIS You will be able to access our services through NDIS if you are self or plan managed.

Many people with a neurological condition under the age of 65 will be eligible to be registered with NDIS. We can point you in the right direction on where to start.

CARE PACKAGE Some packages have finance allocated to therapy input. Contact your case manager or provider to find out if that's  the case for you.


Work Cover

DVA Upon GP referral.

Private Health Insurance Funds



Rebates from private health funds vary depending on your level of cover. Speak to your private health fund to find out what services you are covered for and for what amount. You will pay the full amount and able to then claim the benefits back from your health provider.


Under the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC), Medicare rebates are available for a maximum of 5 allied health sessions per year. The Medicare rebate is $54.80/visit. You will pay the full visit amount and the rebate will be reimbursed directly to you by Medicare.

Most people with a neurological condition will be eligible for an EPC. Speak to your GP regarding an EPC plan for you.

Self Funded

If you aren't able to access any funding, you may of course pay privately. Contact the clinic for further details on fees.

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